How to Sell Your Home By Your Own

Coming up with the decision to ultimately sell the house where your kids grew up is hard. Sometimes, we just have to sell the property, no matter how attached we’ve become. Choosing to work with a Real Estate Agent comes at a great price. They make a living through the commissions they earn. They usually get anywhere between 3% to 6% off the selling price. If you sell your home at $600,000, they would make anywhere between $18,000 to $36,000. That’s a lot of money! If you can’t afford to shell that amount for agent’s fees, here’s what you should do to sell your home on your own. 

Price it Right 

Research the fair market value of your property and estimate how much you put into home improvements and things that will go to the buyer once it’s sold. Research the competition. Do your homework and get the price right. Pricing it too high may mean no takers at all. Determine the lowest price you are willing to take and go from there. Remember that interested buyers will always want to negotiate a lower price.  

Ready your house 

Clean your house. Fix anything that’s broken. Trim the grass in the front yard. De-clutter and throw out the trash. Apply a fresh coat of paint. Make sure that potential buyers will like what they see. If they see anything wrong, it can lead them to ask for a lower price or worse, turn them off. 

Get the word out 

Put up a “FOR SALE” sign in your front yard together with your contact number so anyone who passes by your house knows it’s for sale. Tell your neighbors, friends, and co-workers that your house is up for sale. Advertise on free platforms on the internet like craigslist or social media. Take high-quality pictures and videos before posting them. The more people you reach, the more potential buyers your property will have.    

Hold an Open House 

Announce that you’re holding an Open House for anyone to visit your house. Get their contact details and take note of those who show interest. When brokers or agents approach you, set the price you want to get for your house exclusive of the commission they will earn if they get to sell your house on your behalf.  

Respond to queries as soon as you can 

When you get inquiries, respond immediately and ask them when you can meet up with them to negotiate a deal. Ask them how they are going to pay or if there’s any condition they would like to make. Get every detail in writing and if you’ve come to an agreement, then you’re almost done. 

Hire a Real Estate Attorney 

If you chose to hire an Agent, they would take care of the paperwork necessary to sell your house. Since you decided to do this on your own, hire a Real Estate Attorney instead. They can help you in executing the necessary contracts and all other related paperwork. You know that every legal requirement has been complied with. Their legal fees cost less than the commissions the agents would get from selling your house. 

Close the Sale 

With everything all set, your Real Estate Attorney can help you set up the closing date. You and the buyer just need to sign the necessary documents to seal the deal. You turn over the keys to the new owner and you can smile your way to the bank.