Guide in Getting your Home Ready to Sell

Every seller wants to sell their homes fast for the best deal possible. A house sitting too long can evoke feelings of anguish and desperation. Buyers’ perceptions will also get affected as they’ll think there’s something wrong with your property and tend to avoid it. This will cause a chain reaction among other buyers out there and will only worsen your prospects in selling your house. We must avoid that at all costs. It takes careful planning and proper execution to get it right.  

Follow this guide in getting your home ready to sell as quickly as possible. 

Plot your dates 

The planning stage lets you identify the things needed to be done. Set every plan of action in writing and their respective deadlines. Give each item a reasonable amount of time so as to give you flexibility in managing your other obligations or responsibilities. 

Have it inspected 

You can either do this yourself or hire the services of a professional home inspector to do it for you. This task involves identifying the problem areas or potential hazards that need to be addressed before putting your house on sale. Skipping this process can seriously hurt the chances of getting your house sold or settling for a much lower price. You don’t want that to happen, would you? 

Set everything in order 

Clean your house, take out what needs to be thrown out, fix what needs to be fixed, and make your house more appealing again. The other things you may need to do are applying a fresh coat of paint or keeping your lawn trimmed. From this moment on, you must begin to think of your home as a product you’re trying to sell that any potential buyer can see themselves living in this house. 

Get your house appraised 

Once you’ve set everything the way they should be, it’s time to have your house assessed for what it’s really worth. Enlist the services of an independent professional appraiser. This is the only way for you to get an unbiased report on how much you can realistically sell your house for. 

List your house at a competitive price 

Once you got the appraisal report, it’s now time to try and sell your house. You can first try to sell it yourself by way of FSBO(For Sale By Owner) and see where it goes. If the results don’t work in your favor, proceed to the next step. 

Hire an agent 

Hiring an agent means you’ll have to pay a commission if they can successfully sell your house. It may cost you money but it will be worth it if you hired the right ones. These are the agents who’ll use their expertise in marketing your house by tapping into their vast network of connections. 


The right agent will work tirelessly for your best interests. They will guide and advise you on holding an open house so a lot of potential buyers can take a look at your house and you’re weighing all your options from the offers you got from interested parties. Negotiations will help both parties come to an agreement and seal the deal. 

Closing the deal 

Once you’ve chosen the best offer you’ve got, it’s finally time to agree to the terms of the deal and hand over the keys to the successful buyer.