Guide in Getting your Home Ready to Sell

Every seller wants to sell their homes fast for the best deal possible. A house sitting too long can evoke feelings of anguish and desperation. Buyers’ perceptions will also get affected as they’ll think there’s something wrong with your property and tend to avoid it. This will cause a chain reaction among other buyers out there and will only worsen your prospects in selling your house. We must avoid that at all costs. It takes careful planning and proper execution to get it right.  

Follow this guide in getting your home ready to sell as quickly as possible. 

Plot your dates 

The planning stage lets you identify the things needed to be done. Set every plan of action in writing and their respective deadlines. Give each item a reasonable amount of time so as to give you flexibility in managing your other obligations or responsibilities. 

Have it inspected 

You can either do this yourself or hire the services of a professional home inspector to do it for you. This task involves identifying the problem areas or potential hazards that need to be addressed before putting your house on sale. Skipping this process can seriously hurt the chances of getting your house sold or settling for a much lower price. You don’t want that to happen, would you? 

Set everything in order 

Clean your house, take out what needs to be thrown out, fix what needs to be fixed, and make your house more appealing again. The other things you may need to do are applying a fresh coat of paint or keeping your lawn trimmed. From this moment on, you must begin to think of your home as a product you’re trying to sell that any potential buyer can see themselves living in this house. 

Get your house appraised 

Once you’ve set everything the way they should be, it’s time to have your house assessed for what it’s really worth. Enlist the services of an independent professional appraiser. This is the only way for you to get an unbiased report on how much you can realistically sell your house for. 

List your house at a competitive price 

Once you got the appraisal report, it’s now time to try and sell your house. You can first try to sell it yourself by way of FSBO(For Sale By Owner) and see where it goes. If the results don’t work in your favor, proceed to the next step. 

Hire an agent 

Hiring an agent means you’ll have to pay a commission if they can successfully sell your house. It may cost you money but it will be worth it if you hired the right ones. These are the agents who’ll use their expertise in marketing your house by tapping into their vast network of connections. 


The right agent will work tirelessly for your best interests. They will guide and advise you on holding an open house so a lot of potential buyers can take a look at your house and you’re weighing all your options from the offers you got from interested parties. Negotiations will help both parties come to an agreement and seal the deal. 

Closing the deal 

Once you’ve chosen the best offer you’ve got, it’s finally time to agree to the terms of the deal and hand over the keys to the successful buyer. 

Questions You Need to Ask Your Real Estate Agent Before Selling Your Home

When you’ve decided to sell your house and you’re too overwhelmed with the whole selling process, you should hire an agent. The Real Estate agent should be able to take most of the load off your plate especially the necessary paperwork and legal procedures. It’s also their job to help you get the best offer from interested buyers.  

On paper, that’s what they should do but you know that it’s often far from reality. You’ve heard of horror stories that happened to someone you know and you don’t want that same thing to happen to you. So, how are you going to know you’re hiring the right agent? Here are some questions you need to ask your Real Estate Agent before selling your Home. 

Can you tell me more about your track record? 

By asking them to tell you more about their track record, you get to see the bigger picture about their work experience, the shortest and longest time they closed a deal for a client, or how many of their previous clients would like to work with them again in the future. 

How much will I get to sell my house for?  

The answer to this question should let you know if it’s a good time to sell your house or not. If you’ve done your part and have a rough estimate of how much your house costs and the agent’s answer is in close proximity, you’ll know his reasons why he came up with that number.  

Will you work in this price range? 

Some top agents are picky in choosing clients with a limited budget. By asking the agent upfront how much he is willing to earn from working with you should let you know if he’s still willing to work with you or not. 

How will you try to market and sell my house? 

You would want to know how they will plan to try and sell your house. What they will do in case it takes longer than expected to sell your house. This should help you assess if they’re worth it. 

What needs to be done to make my house more appealing? 

Get his expert opinion on what you need to do in order to make interested buyers say “wow”. First impressions are very important and by knowing what he has to share should make it on top of your priority list in preparing to sell your house.  

How will we communicate with each other? 

This is an important question and you should not hesitate to ask this one. The lines of communication will help you work harmoniously and build trust in your working relationship. This will also set the boundaries from which both parties must adhere to.   

How to Sell Your Home By Your Own

Coming up with the decision to ultimately sell the house where your kids grew up is hard. Sometimes, we just have to sell the property, no matter how attached we’ve become. Choosing to work with a Real Estate Agent comes at a great price. They make a living through the commissions they earn. They usually get anywhere between 3% to 6% off the selling price. If you sell your home at $600,000, they would make anywhere between $18,000 to $36,000. That’s a lot of money! If you can’t afford to shell that amount for agent’s fees, here’s what you should do to sell your home on your own. 

Price it Right 

Research the fair market value of your property and estimate how much you put into home improvements and things that will go to the buyer once it’s sold. Research the competition. Do your homework and get the price right. Pricing it too high may mean no takers at all. Determine the lowest price you are willing to take and go from there. Remember that interested buyers will always want to negotiate a lower price.  

Ready your house 

Clean your house. Fix anything that’s broken. Trim the grass in the front yard. De-clutter and throw out the trash. Apply a fresh coat of paint. Make sure that potential buyers will like what they see. If they see anything wrong, it can lead them to ask for a lower price or worse, turn them off. 

Get the word out 

Put up a “FOR SALE” sign in your front yard together with your contact number so anyone who passes by your house knows it’s for sale. Tell your neighbors, friends, and co-workers that your house is up for sale. Advertise on free platforms on the internet like craigslist or social media. Take high-quality pictures and videos before posting them. The more people you reach, the more potential buyers your property will have.    

Hold an Open House 

Announce that you’re holding an Open House for anyone to visit your house. Get their contact details and take note of those who show interest. When brokers or agents approach you, set the price you want to get for your house exclusive of the commission they will earn if they get to sell your house on your behalf.  

Respond to queries as soon as you can 

When you get inquiries, respond immediately and ask them when you can meet up with them to negotiate a deal. Ask them how they are going to pay or if there’s any condition they would like to make. Get every detail in writing and if you’ve come to an agreement, then you’re almost done. 

Hire a Real Estate Attorney 

If you chose to hire an Agent, they would take care of the paperwork necessary to sell your house. Since you decided to do this on your own, hire a Real Estate Attorney instead. They can help you in executing the necessary contracts and all other related paperwork. You know that every legal requirement has been complied with. Their legal fees cost less than the commissions the agents would get from selling your house. 

Close the Sale 

With everything all set, your Real Estate Attorney can help you set up the closing date. You and the buyer just need to sign the necessary documents to seal the deal. You turn over the keys to the new owner and you can smile your way to the bank.  


Ways to Save Money When Buying Your Next Home

Investing in a house is very expensive. You will worry about many spending not just on the price of the house but in many other expenses as well such as down payment, monthly mortgage loan, documentation, sales agent’s commission, closing attorney, and many others. If you want to save money when buying your next home, follow these guides: 

  1. Hire an experienced real estate agent.

Getting the service of a prolific realtor will save you not just money but also time. Based on his experience, a realtor knows how to put the right price tag on the luxury real estate Hillsborough CA that you will buy based on several factors. He can help you negotiate for the price that is within your budget. So if you think that DIY is better because it will save you money by paying an agent, think again. 

  1. Apply for a loan from multiple lenders

The interest rates that different lenders will offer to you will vary. Different lenders also have different quotes for processing fees; loan origination fee, loan application fee, etc. Get loan quotations from 3-4 lenders. When you receive the loan estimate, compare each offer and you will clearly see which lender charges more and which one offers a better deal. 

  1. Pay 20% Down payment

To receive a better loan interest on your mortgage, it is advised that you pay 20% down payment of the total home price. This also ensures that you are not going to be stuck for life paying for mortgage insurance.  Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is the insurance you pay for your mortgage loan. All borrowers pay PMI, regardless of the down payment paid. However, if you pay 20% as a down payment, you will pay lesser PMI because your terms of payment will be shorter. 

  1. Get a good credit score

Your credit score is inversely proportional to your loan. The higher your credit score, the cheaper your loan. There are few ways to achieve a better credit rating. First is to pay your credit balance on your credit cards. If you cannot zero out the balances, at least keep it below 15% of your credit limit. Check your credit payment history. Make sure all payments are posted with the right date. Then avoid making new credits. If you have a plan to buy a house, hold off buying a new car or swiping your credit card to pay for vacations packages. 

How to Find Your Dream Home in Wine Country Napa Valley

You are about to make the biggest purchase of your life. You know that even minor mistakes can cost you a lot down the line. If you don’t thoroughly inspect a potential house and buy it, but it turns out the foundation is not stable, or any other major damages went unnoticed, you will wind up paying a lot more than you expected. To help you find your dream home, here are the action plans that you can take.

1. Use an efficient property finder online.

Now there are so many ways to check the listings of available property in your area. Gone are the days when the only way for you to find out about houses open for sale is to look for a real estate agent’s listing. Today there is so many websites that can show you available properties in an area together with the asking price accompanied with pictures and other important information. You can check any major real estate websites to help you find the house that fits your wants and your budget. A quick search for homes for sale Napa Valley can lead you to a wealth of information.

2. Ask a local real estate agent.

If there is someone you need to talk to know if there are new houses for sale in a neighborhood, it would be the estate agent. They know every update about the real estate in general. Talk to them and discuss the kind of house you are looking for and how much is your budget. They can give you a more realistic idea of what type of house you can avail with your budget and how many other buyers you are up against with. Information like these are cannot be provided by any apps or company websites. Homes for sale in Napa Valley are beautiful and highly sought after, and your local agent will be able to give you an abundance of knowledge in the specific neighborhood you’re interested in.

3. Ask around.

You can investigate where properties are being sold. Prowl the neighborhood on foot and ask anybody if they know a house for sale. Once you like to buy the house, check with the residents nearby about what they think about the house and the neighborhood. How is the peace and security in the neighborhood? Are the public parks well maintained? Are neighbors noisy? Is it near a railway or does the noise of the heavy traffic tolerable? How far is it from hospitals, schools, parks, restaurants, grocery stores? What is the crime rate in the area? These things are important to consider before you buy a house.

4. Ask important questions.

Ask the seller important questions about the house. You can ask how many viewings do the house had for the last two months. Also, ask the following important questions: How many offers did it receive so far? How long has it been in the market? What are the things in the house that need repair? Talking with the seller is extremely helpful before you make a decision to buy the house.


Questions To Ask About A Real Estate Agent

There are some questions you need to ask before you decide that a particular Real Estate agent is the one for you. Is it accurate to say that they were ready to answer every one of your inquiries regarding the property? Did they catch up with you after your participation in the open house investigation to check whether you needed more data about the property? Is this something you need your agent to do? Is it accurate to say that they were on time to the open home and different arrangements?What do you think about the promoting/publicizing for the properties the agent has recorded?

Important Questions to Ask about a Real Estate Agent

Do you feel great with the agent? You should be connecting with an agent often amid the offering procedure and consequently, you have to ensure you are alright with the agent and can have transparent interchanges. Check the outcomes. Take a gander at the agent’s outcomes, ensuring you take a gander at the properties the agent has sold as of late. Request the hard realities, deal costs, time on market and so on. You should also ask questions and see how the agent answers them. A decent agent will have the capacity to give you bits of knowledge about your whole neighborhood.

The agent ought to have the capacity to give you an intensive preview of the market in your general vicinity and encompassing territories. They ought to think about schools, transport, socioeconomics and the sorts of purchasers searching for homes in the region. On the off chance that you are thinking about offering your home, there is a wide range of components that you will need to assess first. The real estate agent that you hire is one of the most important components, so make sure not to miss out on the good ones.

Reasons To Sell A House

There are many reasons why it might be time for you to find a Real Estate agent that can help you sell your house. On the off chance that you have been in your home for various years, you might need to consider offering it with the goal that you can catch value. When you offer your home in the wake of living in it for no less than five years, you will be ready to keep the greater part of the benefit from the house without paying any capital increases charges. This implies if your home increments in incentive by one hundred thousand dollars through the span of two years, you will have the capacity to offer the house and keep the whole sum without paying any charges on it.

Main Reasons to Sell a House

Many individuals basically renegotiate or take out a home-value credit with a specific end goal to access the value in their homes. Notwithstanding, you need to pay that cash back and pay APR on the advance. By offering your home, you will be ready to utilize the cash in any case that you need. Many individuals do this so they can have a lot of money to make an upfront installment on another home instantly a short time later. You can likewise use a trade to buy another home and spare much more with charges. Many individuals need to offer their homes since they can no longer bear the cost of the high home loan installment.

By offering your home, you will have the capacity to escape your home loan installment and conceivably get a lower one. You can utilize the cash from your home to make an upfront installment on a littler property that will give you a littler home loan installment. By getting a lower contract installment, you will have the capacity to have significantly more adaptability in your month to month spending plan and accomplish more things with your pay.